Wednesday, July 28, 2004

They say the road to heck is paved with good intentions.  I know I was planning to post more often to this journal when I started it.  Of course, when you work full time plus, and you are the webmaster of a website about travel nursing and you are an officer in the Army Reserve - 396th Combat Support Hospital, Spokane WA.  well... I think you know where this is going.  Since I last posted I have become re-involved in the Army Reserves, I am still working on my websites.  I have just started a site called Its a mature topic that deals with sexual health issues.  Its not a site designed to sell adult toys or movies.  Its about human sexuality and how having good health includes intimacy and sexual health.   And, I still am picking up a shift here and shift there for the travel nurse agency.  Who says there isn't enough time in the day. :)

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