Sunday, October 10, 2004

Travel Nurses, do you get the flu shot?

Its estimated that last year 50% of adults who got the flu came down with it anyway. Now I find that really disturbing. Would you be happy if your brakes only worked 50% of the time? Even more disturbing is a hospital (Virginia Mason) in Seattle Washington which is insisting that all of it's nurses get the flu shot or face being fired.

They also have some other really bad management habits, like doing periodic background checks (including credit reports) of their employees. Now, I personally feel that nurses should have good character and if they choose too they can always voluntarily get a flu shot. But, frankly I would never accept a travel assignment where they feel like they can act like the gestapo. The chances of having an enjoyable work environment are probably real low.

How do you feel about it? Should employers be allowed to mandate your personal and health activities?

by the way - I have re-decorated over at the the-travel-nurse and given it a new look. If you haven't visited lately take a look and let me know what you think.

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