Sunday, March 19, 2006

ah the perks of traveling :)
I just came back from visiting my family in Washington state. It was an enjoyable trip marred only slightly by the less than an hour behind schedule airflight. Of course, that does lead me to wonder. Do most travelers drive to the next work assignment? It would certainly make sense as you would need transportation once you arrived. Unless you were picking an assignment in Hawaii of course. :)

In an interesting twist Charles Cullen has been allowed to donate a kidney to be transplanted into the relative of a friend. What makes this nurse news worthy is that Charles Cullen is guilty by his own admission of killing 40 patients who were under his care as a nurse. He may (perhaps) be the most well-known serial killer who was also a nurse. Cullen claims he killed his victims out of a misguided sense of mercy. Apparently he was not a graduate of a school that taught the Florence Nightingale Pledge.

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