Saturday, July 08, 2006

RV Travel Nursing
I work with a nurse who travels with his wife, two hyperactive
home schooled children and a poodle. The interesting thing is that he and his wife do travel nursing. They chose to create a consistent home environment by traveling with a travel trailer. An RV without the motor.
The living space is a bit small but they don't have to pack each time the assignment changes and the kids feel like home stays the same even when it moves. :)
They save money because usually an RV/Travel trailer space costs significantly less than an apartment and since most travel nurse agencies pay a housing allowance they get to pocket the difference.
Now recently the rising cost of gas has them thinking about changing things. They haven't really decided if owning a house or two in the two main areas they want to work in is practical.
There are some good sites on the net about RV traveling and its amazing how many travel nurses you can find who are RV travelers too.
Some things to consider when looking at an RV lifestyle:

Maintenance issues. If your water system breaks you fix it or hire someone to do it. :(
Higher travel costs related to lower gas mileage and increasing cost of gas
RV's are not speedy so plan on a little extra time when traveling
If you are not hooked up to a RV site with sewer drain you have to find somewhere to empty your tanks every few days.
You never have to rent a hotel room :)
You don't have to pack each time you change assignments
Cheaper than apartment or house rental
Pets can travel with you
Easier to travel with a spouse or significant other :)
If you have an RV story you want to share please feel free to add a comment to this post :)
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