Sunday, July 01, 2007

I just realized that I have been a bit absent from my travel nurse blog. What brought this to mind is that I am once again embarked on a travel assignment for the military. Of course, technically since I am an Army Reserve Nurse I am not a travel nurse but a mobilized soldier. But, as I start my assignment at Walter Reed Medical Center I am reminded of the many similarities. I have to travel away from home for an extended period. I have to arrange temporary housing (or have it arranged for me). The job is "temporary". I get to make new friends and integrate myself into a nursing team that I did not know last week. I will get to see a part of the country I haven't seen before. I am actually looking forward to booking some sightseeing tours of the Washington DC area. I get a "housing allowance" and "travel pay". Of course, none of this is intended to be a recruiting poster for the military. I just feel there are some obvious parallels between being a nurse in the military and being a travel nurse.

Until next time fellow travelers :)

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