Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just got this rave review about travel nursing from WW and I just had to post :)

Hey to all the travel Nurses out there!

I have found the most increditable travel nurse agency, Nationwide Nurses.  I believe they have a home office in Arkansas.  However, they do staff throughout the continential US.  This is the best agency I have ever worked with.  The staff is wonderful, if they don't have an assignment where you want to be they will get out there and try to find one for you. 

They have taken care of everything for me.  They have even gone as far as to set me up in my own private housing complete with furnishing me all of the housewares I could have ever needed.  Every week along with my direct deposit stub I also recieve a special little gift!  I am not talking about ink pens with the company logo's on it.  I just recieved this weeks newsletter and they are having a contest which will also put me into another weekly drawing.  In January, if I continue to work like I have been, then I am in the running for a new LAPTOP!  Just for doing what I was going to be doing anyhow! 

The office help is so professional and easy to deal with.  Yeah, sure there is the paper work but, they try to help make that task easier, too.  You can fax it to them toll free, email it to them or go on line download the info and use the old snail mail. 

Once when I was on assignment someone broke into my mothers house (where I live) while I was on assignment and scarred the tar out of her, so this company put my mom and younger sister in a motel until I could come home to take care of them.  On my next assignment they traveled with me!  It was great!

Oh my god!  You wouldn't believe the pay!  They figured my pay where it benefited me the most for take home, which was better than the other 3 companies I had applied with at the same time. 

You really have to check this company out...their website is

Thanks for letting me vent!!!  WW

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