Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tax Tips for Travel Nurses
Did you know that being a travel nurse affords you a few extra tax breaks on your Federal tax return if you itemize?
List of Tax deductibe expenses
1. Probably the number one tax break a travel nurse is entitled to is the tax break you receive if you maintain a residence in a state different from the one you work in. Essentially, you get a break if you maintain two homes. This includes an RV or Travel Trailer that you use as a residence while working at different assignments.
2. Travel expenses incurred traveling from one job to the next
3. Uniform expenses
4. Nursing Journals, Reference texts and updated manuals
5. Medical or nursing equipment such as stethoscopes, specialized clipboards, or even blood pressure cuffs.
6. membership dues for professional organizations such as the American Nurses Association are also tax deductible.
This is just a short list of deductible items. for the most up to date information you will want to go to and educate yourself or seek out a professional tax consultant.
Please note that I am not a tax expert and you should always ask the IRS or a tax expert if you have any doubts or questions about a particular tax strategy.

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