Sunday, February 12, 2006

Technogeeks vs Nurses
This was going to be a recommendation to check out a website that I found called codeblog but Blogger must have some sort of restriction built in because every time posted the link everything from the link on disappears from post. I am sure its some idiotic technogeek thing I am totally ignorant of. Which leads me to the question? Are nurses techno-challenged? How many times have you worked with a colleague (even today) who still doesn't even have basic email? I can't imagine a travel nurse who doesn't. Amazing as our profession is and as technologically oreinted as it can be it still surprised me at how many of my fellow nurses avoid technology as much as they can. Then it dawned on me that sometimes the very people oreinted nurses can be the worse. The light bulb came on. Sometimes it's hard to get excited about inanimate objects that don't even have a pulse. LOL
Still, its a sign of the times that more and more organizations are relying on e-mail and technology to keep people updated, perform routine tasks and to alert us to a potential problem with a patient (Think monitors)
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