Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Technology Friendly

That might be described as one of the key characteristics a travel nurse should have. On my web page about Travel Nursing I included a list of characteristics a travel nurse should have. I did not include Technology proficent or "techy friendly". Maybe I should have. Your average travel nurse can take anywhere from 1 to 4 new assignments in a year.

In addition to figuring out new routines, places to shop and more she or he will also have to jump right in and start using a new computer charting system, new IV pumps and different monitors than what was used at the last assignment. For the average person just adapting to a new computer charting system once can be quite traumatic. Imagine doing it 4 times in one year. Ouch!

There are those who love challenge and new things. They often buy the latest gadget when it first comes out. Travel nurses come in all sizes and shapes but I am betting that the majority of them are technology freindly and are willing to be beta testers and innovators.

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