Saturday, August 11, 2007

Travel Nurse Resources

Occassionally, I run across a travel nurse resource or internet site that I feel should be shared with all my fellow travel nurses. One of those sites is a nursing magazine that focuses on the traveler. The last time I checked the magazine is free of charge to any nurse who wants to receive it. It's called Healthcare Traveler and you can read it online or even receive a regular magazine subscription in the mail.

Each month they feature stories about real travel nurses and some of the adventures they are having. This month features include an article about oreintation. Do they oreint travel nurses?Humor me folks ;) They also have a story about a nurse who is on assignment in Alaska. They feature clinical know how and other good topics.

I have received the magazine for a while now and throughly enjoy reading it.


JasonBurke said...

In addition to the magazine you mentioned, there is another resource for all providers (including RNs who are doing travelling medical work, called Providers can post anonymous reviews of agencies and hospitals where they have done traveling assignments. I did locums for about 2 years and had mostly good, but a few bad assignments. There is so much work out there for us, we shouldn't have to go places where we will be miserable. Jason

Robert said...

I have found some great information about travel nursing on this webpage: I used the six steps as a great guideline to finding a job.
The biggest pointer for me was:
Consider any job offers quickly. We've found that many hospitals are taking the first travel nurse who accepts the job after an interview. Keeping your options open is great, but if you've got an offer you like, it pays to strike while the iron is hot.