Thursday, August 16, 2007

Temporary Nurses Equal Quality Care
Detractors of using temporary or travel nurses have often cited lower quality of patient care as one of the outcomes of hiring temporary nurses. Yet, the truth is that the majority of temporary or travel nurses are highly qualified nurses who do deliver quality care. And now there is a study that says what all you travel nurses have known all along is the truth. "Temporary doesn't mean worse when it comes to nurses"

Its a short article in the The Star Ledger. They will ask you for a couple of bits of demographics such as your zip code and gender if you want to read the second page of the article but you don't have to register to read it.

Have you ever wondered how much employment benefits are worth? I have done a basic analysis and the value of medical, vacation and other benefits can be astonishing. Go ahead and click on the link to see what a typical nursing benefits package is worth.

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