Thursday, August 07, 2008

Are you an economy traveler?

When you travel to an assignment do you look for the least expensive options? Or do you look for comfort and convenience? I know that there are a vareity of ways to travel. Some travelers prefer to fly to an assignment and use public transportation to commute to work.

In some respects that is the most economical method as you don't have auto maintanence, gas, oil and wear & tear on your car to worry about. Unfortunately, I have never been much of one to rely on taxi or public transportation. So I have developed a method of traveling that suits my needs.

I have a little ford escort that gets great gas mileage. It's an awesome little car in many respects. Repair and maintainence costs are less than for a comparable import car such Toyota or Honda. Of course, it doesn't hold much stuff. I have solved the extra luggage issue quite handily however. as you can see from the picture :) The car top carrier gives me additional carrying capacity and I can take most of the bare essentials needed for an travel nurse assignment with me in one trip.
Comments and huzzahs are always cheerfully accepted. This is a moderated blog so I may take a short while before I give permission for your rasberry to show up. ;)
Your faithful traveler


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Tom Mayer said...

Mostly I choose the way of travel that suits my needs except emergencies when I have to choose the quickest one.

Lloyd said...

thank you for the information, I love to travel, I love it the most when its unplanned.

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