Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cross Country Travel
I just finished driving from Washington DC to Washington State. Amazingly it only took 4 days. I came across the upper northern part of the country. Using a GPS device I fondly refer to as "Mother" I came through Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Illinios, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Dakota. I then drove through Montana, Idaho and Finally on into Washington State. According to mother the total mileage was about 2625 miles.
The trip was wonderful. I saw some awesome scenery. It looks like I will be traveling back to Washington DC next month for an assignment there again though. I have a really good offer that I am considering.
If you are traveling with children now is the time to be scoping out the school districts where your next traveling assignment might be. Unless you home school of course. If you are a home schooler you might want to check out some resources online for home schoolers.
The Home School Mom features a free newsletter, links to other homeschool resources and some free home school educational materials. May be worth a look
Home School Central features a new to home schooling page. They also have a state by state resources directory so you can find local stuff.

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