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Hello and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers since the last issue. I am your host Alphatraveler. I have also been a deployed reservist since Jan 2005. I have been working recently in the San Antonio TX area for the Army Warrior in Transition Program. It's a great program that helps injured and sick soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors and other military personnel navigate their way through the military medical system while receiving the care they need to transition to optimal wellness. It is a rewarding position and lots of work too!

I apologize for not sending out The Travel Nurse Journal more frequently. This year's resolution is to publish more frequently.

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NURSING NEWS Nursing Shortages

Is there ever a time when there isn't news about a nursing shortage?

The 2010 survey of registered nurses released Wednesday by AMN Healthcare, a San Diego-based provider of healthcare staffing and management services, found 28 percent of nurses surveyed plan to leave the nursing field entirely or cut back on hours because the job is affecting their health.

The strange thing about the current nursing shortage is that the if you hang out on any of the nursing forums you read a lot of posters talking about how they have applied for many jobs in nursing but they aren't hiring. The consensus among the talking heads is that nursing shortages exist but nurses need to be willing to re-locate to find them. This makes travel nursing an excellent choice for a career option because you can go where the jobs are.

Largest Nursing Strike in History
June 10th is the deadline for the one of the largest strikes in nursing history that might occur. In Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota a one day strike is being prepared for by the Minnesota Nursing Association representing 12,000 nurses. In California 13,000 nurses are threatening to also participate in the one day strike. Both groups are represented by National Nurses United.

The biggest issues according to the nursing union are patient safety and safe staffing. If the nurses do strike this will be the biggest strike by nurses in nursing history. Here is just one link to the story.

This issue our featured nursing related site is The Nursing Site. This site has an excellent series of articles on why you might choose nursing and the different levels of nursing along the way to RN. starting with CNA and moving up to Advanced Nursing

Have you ever considered being a leader in nursing? Does the idea of living in a tent appeal to you? Are you intrigued by stories of heroic nurses in WWII or Vietnam? If so, you might consider becoming a Military Nurse.

Military Nurses enjoy good pay and benefits, serve in leadership roles, conduct research, perform nursing care in a variety of environments, and are some of the most respected military members in the U.S. military.
If you would like to learn more about military nursing you can find it at:

She flew the friendly skies before they were called that. She is possibly one of
the most famous aviators of all time. She vanished on a cross pacific flight in
July 1937 attempting to fly around the world. To this day there are
many theories about her disappearance and her life story is an inspiration to
thousands of women around the world.

Yes, dear reader, I am talking about famed aviator Amelia Earhart. Who before she was a famous aviator worked as a nurse's aide in WWI and a social worker in Boston. You can find her official biography here at

She was also revisited in a movie released last year starring Hilary Swank in the
Amelia Earhart Movie.

TRAVEL NURSE TIP -Banish Depression and Loneliness

This issues travel nurse tip is about traveling with pets. Being a traveling nurse doesn't mean you can't have pets. Traveling with a pet can reduce depression from being away from friends and family and can give you someone to share the journey with. For ideas on how to overcome the challenges of travel nursing with pets read more here

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