Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers since the last issue. I am your host Alphatraveler. My recent travels have me in San Antonio Texas. I have visited the Riverwalk, Seaworld, and many other Texas attractions. Including the big boots of Northstar Mall.

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Nurses Support Healthcare
Nurses have led the way on many fronts when it comes to advocating for healthcare. In the early 1900's nurses were at the forefront of the push to reach out to rural communities and include them in the public healthcare net. Nurses endorsed Medicare. So, it's no surprise that nurses through organizations such as the ANA have supported and endorsed the Healthcare Reform Act that is now the law. If you are looking for more information on how this law will affect you or want to share this information with your friends, family and patients this site is a good resource

How old do you have to be to stop being a Nurse?For, some there is no such thing as retirement. Janice Shinn is 81 years old and still nursing. And not because she has to. She does it because she loves nursing.

FEATURED SITE -The Travel Nurse
I am going to put in a self serving plug for The Travel Nurse website this issue. I have recently added to pages or articles to the site that I think you will enjoy. the first is about men in nursing .
The second article is about a day in the life of a travel nurse. Truth of the matter is this could be the day of any nurse on the med-surg floor or any floor where a large assignment can occur. I invite you to enjoy a day in the life of a nurse.

Have you ever wanted to put a band aid on Tom Cruise? How about treat George Lucas for an upset stomach? You might be able to if you were a movie production nurse. Most movie studio's and movie production companies hire a nurse to work as an occupational health specialist and sometimes technical consultant for the current movie in production. The main duties are first aid and primary healthcare according to Skillset a UK based website about jobs in the movie industry. The offical title is Unit Nurse and the work is usually part time unless you have built up a reputation and are well liked according to Skillset. Of course, an interest in film production and television media are a big plus. In the U.S. the title to look for in the job directories is most likely occupational nurse.

Edith Shain. She is probably the most famous nurse in history. Almost everyone is familiar with her picture. She was captured on film in one of the most famous moments of WWII - The picture is of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square. It was seen as a grand gesture of celebration for the ending of WWII and the return of all the soldiers, sailors, marines and other folks who could return home. That picture was actually turned into a statue of the kissing couple in Times Square. For over 30 years Edith kept her identity a secret as she was embarrassed about the moment. Edith lived until she was 91 and only just recently passed on after working as a nurse, a school teacher and in public television. The sailor has never been positively identified. VJ Day in Times Square

When was the last time you took a basic assessment class? How about breath sounds? Cardiac auscultation? Don't scoff. The truth is that periodically it's smart to get back to basics and take a class on the basic skill set of nursing. There are usually some new ideas you pick up and you refresh skills that may have gotten a little rusty. Is it lub dub? Or dub lub? and just what does a murmur sound like? Well that depends on where you are listening from...and that's another thing you can refresh in a basic assessment class. The landmarks you use to listen and palpate from. Did you know the landmarks have changed for CPR? Better get to that basic refresher soon. :)

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